This is it, you’ve met your match.

Agile enough to wield, yet tough enough to sweep through
bone and flesh in one swing of your hand.

A pound and a quarter of razor sharp, triple tempered steel.
A silent cutting saw on the spine, with triangulated cut-back
teeth that cuts quietly without clogging or hanging up, a
Piranha jaw behind the gut hook to literally chew through
anything you can fit in it.

But in front, a steep cutting edge with a reinforced point
that is perfectly aligned with the center of the blade for
driving penetration. A blade that is a quarter of an inch
thick, high carbon steel that is literally shaving sharp.

To be unstoppable you must be more than you fear, and at
times go from tough to invincible in any landscape, with
focus and determination, man nor beast, is too much. And if
you’ve been in the field, you get the point.

Now have the Edge.

J. Lightning

Additional advantages are also possible. Our accessory
survival system sheaths can help to supply you with the
components you would normally need a backpack to carry
for short trips, or back-up emergency equipment and
necessities for long ones. Whether it be in combat, hunting,
or mountaineering, whatever your environment or endeavor,
this is professional equipment that will get you through.
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